Former US President To Visit Scotland In May For Charity Fundraiser

By Christian Smith

Former US President Barack Obama will visit Scotland next month for a charity event- where he will address philanthropy and business leaders at a dinner in the capital.

Mr Obama, who served two terms in the White House, will answer questions at the dinner which is organised by the Hunter Foundation on May 26.

The Hunter Foundation was set up by leading businessman and philanthropist Sir Tom Hunter. Tickets for a table of 10 are expected to go on sale for approximately £5,000.

All of the cash raised will be split between children’s charities in Scotland and the Obama Foundation, set up by the former president and his wife Michelle.

Sir Tom said: “From the South Side of Chicago to the White House has been an epic, historic journey and it will be a true honour to hear that story from the man who made that journey.

“We are both truly proud and delighted to be hosting the 44th president of the United States in Scotland at this event.”

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