DENISAURUS News Burst Sahara “Inventors” Over Its Distorted Report On Dino Melaye’s LSE Certificate


The Vice chancellor of the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, on Monday, confirmed that Senator Dino Melaye graduated from the school.

This is contrary to a report published by an online media that said the lawmaker did not graduate from ABU.

Professor Ibrahim Garba, told the Senate Committee on Ethics Privileges and Public Petitions, that the lawmaker graduated from the institution in 2000 with a third class degree.

He added however that the representative for Kogi West, graduated as Melaye Daniel Jonah and not as Dino Melaye as he is now known.

An affidavit of a change of name was read out to the Committee by Senator Melaye.

The jovial Senator went on to throw shades at his protagonist, after it was confirmed to the public that he really did graduate from ABU.

All Question Answered

Senator Melaye, a student of Geography graduated in 1999 and served at Police College, Kaduna in 2000. He won the national price of the DG for that year.

This morning, Senator Melaye released a picture of his National Youth Service Corps certificate.

Questions have been raised by a few people as to why it took a year before the Senator went on to serve or why he claimed to have graduated on a Sunday 9th July and be from the 1999 set.

Most of the questions were answered by Ogundele Adewale Olalekan, who also graduated in the same year.

Mr Ogundele @saviorluv, who studied Architecture at ABU explained that they passed out on “5/6th” of July but because there were “lots of issues, strikes and ethnic fighting in the north,” they were proscribed for service from 9th July 2000 – 8th July 2001.

In his tweets, he stated that service year “must read exactly 1 calendar year hence 9th mon- 8th sun.”

Other twitter users who graduated in the same year have also posted their service certificate. They verified Senator Melaye’s call up date as accurate.

DENISAURUS News received an email from a student in Nigeria. In it, the person explained that in their own school “there was a time when courses like Accounting, Business Management and others were in the Faculty of Social Science. However, later the University decided to reallocate such courses to the Faculty of Management Science.”

This news site understands that Universities such as Queen Mary, Lancaster, Kings College, London School of Economics and Political Science, Exeter and SOAS, all run a BA Geography programme.

The Truth About LSE Degree

Sahara Reporters also claimed that the 43-year-old did not study at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

In its report, the New York online newspaper said it got an email from the University’s media team to back its claims.

Our own investigation showed this to be a lie because, due to data protection law, the LSE, cannot and will not give out information to anyone without a consent form signed from the candidate.

On the LSE website, “third-parties who wish to verify the details of an individual’s LSE degree award should do so online via Higher Education Degree Datacheck (HEDD)”

A political reporter for DENISAURUS News, made a phone call to the LSE. The reporter was directed to the registry department, but the media team reassuringly said that they do not release information about student results.

She said when it comes to public officials, they can only confirm to say if they did attend, based on the name used at registration.

The email sent by the publisher of Sahara Reporters had Dino Melaye. The Senator was formerly known as Daniel Jonah Melaye.

DENISAURUS News insist it is right about the LSE rules which states that one needs to upload confirmation from the candidate before it provides any information.


Sources close to the 43-year-old Senator say he “never authorised the university to give out his information to anyone.”

An investigation shows that, Sahara Reporters which is helping to spread propaganda to force the Senate to confirm Mr Magu, despite the incriminating DSS report, are working against Senator Melaye because he stood against the nomination of the corrupt anti-graft boss.

Senator Melaye has now filed a suit against Sahara Reporters. In a plenary session, he said he is an authentic graduate of Ahmadu Bello University.








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