DENISAURUS News Reports Another Of SAHARA Lies About Senator Melaye, LSE Will Never Give Out Information To Third Party

Exclusive: By Adenike Lucas 

An online media that has constantly pushed for the confirmation of Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, has been exposed for the lies it’s pushing against those perceived to be the enemies of their paymaster.

Mr Magu’s nomination as the substantial chairman of the EFCC was rejected following an indicting report written by the Department of State Security, DSS.

The DSS report indicated that the ‘rejected’ EFCC boss had failed its integrity test and “would become a liability to the anti-corruption crusade of the present administration if confirmed.”

But this rejection did not sit well with Mr Magu’s supporters. The list of those supporting Mr Magu, includes Senator Mohammed Ali Ndume; Professor Itsey Sagay (Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption), the Editor of Premium Times and the Editor of Sahara Reporters.

Sahara Reporters which is helping to spread propaganda to force the Senate to confirm Mr Magu, despite the incriminating DSS report, have begun to target a lawmaker, Senator Dino Melaye, who stood against the nomination of the corrupt anti-graft boss.

On Thursday, Sahara Reporters claimed to have spoken to Candy Gibson, a senior Media Relation Officer at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

They say Mrs Gibson told them that Senator Melaye did not attend the university.

Our own investigation showed this to be a lie because, due to data protection law, the LSE, cannot and will not give out information to anyone without a consent form signed from the candidate.

On the LSE website, “third-parties who wish to verify the details of an individual’s LSE degree award should do so online via Higher Education Degree Datacheck (HEDD)”

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However on checking the HEDD website, one needs to upload confirmation from the candidate before it provides any information.

Source close to the 43-year-old Senator say he “never authorised the university to give out his information to anyone.”

Senator Melaye has now filed a suit against Sahara Reporters. In a plenary session, he said he is an authentic graduate of Ahmadu Bello University.

The New York news site had first lied that Senator Melaye did not graduate.

But it later back tracked and claimed that the representative connived with Head of Department to forge his third class certificate.

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