REVEALED: DESERT HERALD Confirms Exclusive Report By DENISAURUS News On PMB’s Poisoning

By Danjuma Aliyu

A leading newspaper in Kaduna, Desert Herald, has confirmed DENISAURS News report that President Muhammadu Buhari, PMB was poisoned.

Four weeks ago, DENISAURUS News cited a source who claimed that President Buhari had been poisoned and had to be hurriedly flown out of the country.

The source, who exclusively notified this news site that PMB’s test results were out, was able to give clear information about the poisoning of the President.

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From what was revealed to DESERT HERALD, President Buhari as usual had a long discussion with his confident and uncle, Mamman Daura, that faithful day he was poisoned.

The source confided that when the President left Mallam Daura, he proceeded straight to his apartment to sleep. The president was said to have put on the AC in his room himself as he retires to bed.

As soon as the AC started, apparently after inhaling the air, President Buhari started coughing profusely and was eventually vomiting blood and suddenly unconscious. That was how the journey to the UK was hurriedly arranged according to an impeccable insider. Mallam Daura was reportedly so confused, devastated and couldn’t believe it when he was informed.

DESERT HERALD was told that the plot was indeed a poison targeted at killing the president. This reporter further learnt that the actual perpetrators might have gotten some officers at the Maintenance Department of the Villa compromised. It was suspected that through the Maintenance Department and during its routine maintenance work, the cylinder of the President’s AC was replaced with a toxic and poisonous one.

Presently, the Maintenance Booking Register for that day has been stolen. This register, if found would unravel the periphery of the investigation on the poisoning of President Buhari.

The type of the poison that was used was said to have been detected in Mr. Buhari’s liver by the doctors at the UK during their investigation. If this latest information and ongoing investigation prove right the claim of poisoning, the DSS, the Army and several others in the Villa will be indicted and will have so much to explain.

The issue is also raising serious questions about the competence and commitment of some of those appointed by Mr. Buhari. His SA Domestic, one Sarki Abba for example, is also at the centre of the alleged negligence, incompetence and ineptitude. Sarki Abba, from what DESERT HERALD gathered, is a godson of the late Salihijo of the defunct PTF.

He was with President Buhari since the death of his boss, Mr. Salihijo and had since then became close to him. Presidency sources told DESERT HERALD that the position of SA Domestic was a very sensitive one and that apart from giving it to a trusted person, experience and competence in handling such job is very important


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