3310 Makes A Comeback With A New Look

By Adenike Lucas

The iconic Nokia 3310 phone is officially back and with a better look.

Image result for 3310 Makes a Comeback With A New Look
New Look: 3310

The phone which was first introduced into the market about 17 years ago- was very popular among teenagers who wanted to create their own ringtone for their phone.

Nokia 3310
Old Nokia

The new phone which was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress, MWC in Barcelona, Spain, today, has a low resolution camera with limited internet capacity, which might not making it appealing to the younger generation. But the long lasting battery life might make it a choice as a second phone.

Users of the 3310 would recognise its popular snake game which manufacturers have retained in the new version. It is expected to sell for £40 – £50.

Nokia has also introduced three android devices to the market – the Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6.


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