Oxford University Embroiled In Race Row After Wrongly Identifying Nigerian As Threat To Other Students

By Adenike Lucas

Oxford University has been accused of “despicable” double standards after wrongly identifying a student of Nigerian descent as a threat to other students.

Oluwafemi Nylander, who studied philosophy, politics and economics was reported to have worked in a friend’s office overnight after accidentally becoming locked in, Harris Manchester College HMC’s grounds on Thursday evening.

The 22-year-old prominent Rhodes Must Fall activist who graduated from the prestigious college last summer was then approached by friendly staff on Friday.  But, later that day an email was sent out to all undergraduates at the college with a CCTV image of Mr Nylander attached, and a cautionary message reminding students to “maintain vigilance”.

Mr Nylander said it was an example of the university’s “institutional racism” and he called on the College to apologise.

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