MPs Begin Two Days Debate On Brexit Plans

By Christian Smith

Members of the British Parliament have started debates on the bill that will give the Prime Minister, Theresa May the authority to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty and begin the two year EU exit process.

A recently ruling by the Supreme Court, this month, stated that Parliament must be given a vote before the Prime Minister can start the Brexit process.

Parliament is currently holding a two days debate before members votes on whether to trigger Article 50, tomorrow evening.

Brexit Secretary, David Davis who is currently addressing a full House, says the explanatory notes to the bill say that leaving the EU also involves leaving Euratom.

The country voted to leave the EU and “there must be no attempts to remain in the EU, no attempts to remain in by the back door and no second referendum,” he says.

“MPs gave the decision to the public. Now they must honour their side of the agreement and implement what the people decided.

“Trust the people,” he said as he gave way to Labour’s Brexit spokesman Sir Keir Starmer.

Rt. Hon Davis

During the debate, which is on-going, Tory MP Kenneth Clarke said he would join opposition, Scottish National Party, SNP in voting against the bill.

Ann Coffey, the Labour MP for Stockport, has also promised to vote “against Article 50. I am not going to be supporting the Tories in making the future worse for our children #article50”

Mr Clarke, a former chancellor hinted to his peers that he may retire as an MP at the end of this parliament.


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