President Buhari to announce Ibrahim Magu’s replacement in January

President Muhammadu Buhari is reportedly searching for a person to replace Ibrahim Magu, the acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

A source close to the government informed Daily Post about the planned shift in the comission following the Nigerian Senate’s rejection of Ibrahim Magu as the chairman of the major anti-corruption agency.

The replacement may be announced as early as January next year.

The insider said: “Anyone who knows President Muhammadu Buhari knows he highly regards DG of the DSS (Lawal Daura) and he is not likely to overlook a report prepared by his confidant.

Magu himself did not help his case. How could someone awaiting confirmation make comment like he will never lobby the Senate for confirmation?

Lobbying happens everywhere in the world. It is a recognized as a legitimate channel of communication. Perhaps Magu thought he was doing so well that PMB will fight the Senate for him. But have proven otherwise.

The budget is at stake; PMB is trying to take loan and needs approval; these and other pending issues will not make the presidency fight the Senate over one person.

Again, you will recall than an anti-corruption award was given to Ike Ekweremadu by EFCC, Magu authorized a statement that said something like EFCC doesn’t give award corrupt people.

How could Magu openly attack the second in command of the Nigerian Senate and thinks that person and his colleagues will confirm him.

People should stop thinking they are the only ones who can do a particular job. Many better hands are out there.

On the other hand, the impending probe of former governors in the Senate played a role in the rejection. Although Magu could not have stopped them, he could have spoke less of going after them.

They actually formed a block against the confirmation. This is a lesson to people. When your work is the type that put you against people, watch your tongue, at least until you get power.

Magu said many things ordinary Nigerians wanted to hear, not what powerful Nigerians wanted to hear.”


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