A Call To President Buhari- “Change Begins With The EFCC”


The rejection of Ibrahim Magu as Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has attracted the attention of many Nigerians, who knew or know nothing about the commission.

From first hand information I received, I learnt that internal corruption, bullying, victimization, indicting and dismissing EFCC core staff was the order of the day at the EFCC.

Information about staff abuse has been widely publicized by the editor of this news site, Adenike Lucas. Another vocal critic of the wrongs of this place, Abubakar Abusidiqu Usman, a popular blogger from Kogi State, was arrested for championing the cause of operational staff.

The arrest of Abusidiq brought the issue raised by staff to the public. I believe lots of people are now aware of what is happening to core staff in this place.

Which is why, I am surprised that none of these people complaining about Magu’s rejection by the Senate have ever challenged the EFCC past and present leadership, for the corrupt and evil acts meted out against the organisations core staff.

Why Magu Was Rejected

It is understood that the Senate rejected Magu based on the DSS report at its disposal. I want Nigerians to know that Magu is an “extension” of his predecessor Ibrahim Lamorde. Their agenda is to kill and bury the EFCC, because they have made illegal wealth during their maiden tenure.

The Three Musketeers (Ribadu, Lamorde and Magu)

The pioneer chairman, Nuhu Ribadu is accused of benefiting from the Sambo Dasuki Armsgate Fund, when he emerged as the People’s Democratic Party PDP, governorship flag bearer of Adamawa State 2015 Election.

Lamorde was indicted for misappropriating and diversion of the Commission’s seized Assets Recoveries and proceeds of crime from suspects. And Magu, the rejected Acting Chairman was also accused of many wrongdoing such as his links with Air Commodore Umar Mohammed and for allegedly collecting kick backs.

The three musketeers worked hand in glove when committing this atrocities, which is why the idea of bringing back Ribadu must not be entertained.

Investigate Magu’s Police Lackeys 

Many other Police officers such as DCP Muhammad Wakili who investigated Pension Cases, DCP Bolaji Salami and many other senior police officers have many cases against them for extortion from pension suspects, and awarding contracts without due process.

Some of these police officers were returned back to their mother organisation without been investigated by Magu. I call on the Inspector General of Police, Idris Ibrahim to do the needful and begin an investigation into this allegations made against this police men who are known to front for Magu.

Change Begins With The EFCC

Magu says he has been fighting corruption, yet, with no new conviction of any politically exposed person and coupled with massive allegation of corruption levelled against him, I began to worry.

Nigerians have been praising Magu wrongly. Many were hoodwinked by Magu’s media trials.

The allegation of corruption made against Magu makes him unfit to head the organization. He like, Lamorde and Ribadu have been accused of enriching themselves corruptly. This is why, I support the call for the arrest and the prosecuting of the top EFCC management, present and past.

If your house is in order, definitely every thing will go fine. Magu should stop the blame game on PMB’s aides. His problem and misfortunes is from his staff in EFCC whom he and his predecessor, Lamorde have been victimizing when he was the Director of Internal Affairs DIA till now

If anyone doubts what I have written, please link up with any EFCC core staff to ascertain my claims or the President should constitute a panel to investigate the activities of the commission from inception till date.

I once again call on President Buhari to immediately sack Magu and plead with him to order for the arrest of  Lamorde, Wakili and Bolaji Salami for the destruction they made at the EFCC during their tenure.

A lot of staff gave a sigh of relief after Magu’s rejection. Most had been all the EFCC staff consistently praying for God’s intervention to rescue the commission from the bad hands.

May God save EFCC from collapse since Lamorde’s boy are still enjoying their corrupt tendencies.

The Loud Silence

When corruption was eating deep into  the EFCC, people who were meant to speak up closed their mouth. Where were the Senior Advocates of Nigeria, SAN, Non-Governmental Organisation, NGO’s or prominent personality then who were to challenge or call for thorough investigation on the allegations levelled against these past and present EFCC Chairmen.

Instead of them to address the issue then, most were in support of these corrupt chairmen. in fact, SANs who  made billions of naira at the expense of the commission gave the loudest silence.

Even though they had been approached and informed directly of the bullying, victimization and dismissal of EFCC core staff with impunity, many turned a blind eye.

Now, they are shouting and carrying out media propaganda against Senator Dr Bukola Saraki, and the Presidential Aides, because they defended core staff, as staff in Kano explained to me.

I am not surprised that many core staff now see Senator Saraki, Senator Shehu Sani, and Senator Dino Melaye as heroes.

Are this staff members not Nigerians? If internal corruption which was introduced by Lamorde is not wiped out in EFCC, then how can the Commission discharge its statutory role diligently.

On behalf of all the EFCC core staff, and in the best interest of justice which is the backbone to fighting corruption, the President and Senate, should ignore all the media and NGO propaganda in Magu’s favour.

I am beginning to suspect the desperation of Magu to become chairman at all cost. I believe those who say Magu has some hidden motives over his aspiration to be chief executive of the anti-graft agency.

I think it is imperative that President Muhammadu Buhari does not present Magu to the Senate again, as it would be as though he is condoning corruption.

In my opinion, President Buhari must sack Magu immediately and replace him with a person that will rescue staffers that have been bullied, victimized and dismissed by Lamorde and Magu.

I have no ill will against Magu and I personally wish him success in his future endeavours.

*Yusuf Yahaya,  is a member of the Youth Development Forum, Kano.


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