Our last press statement issued on the 28th October, 2016 disclosed Philip Idaewor’s ongoing political rascality and sinister machinations to rig the imminent convention and elections of the United Kingdom’s chapter of APC.

The exposure by our democracy loving team of APC followed several calls from concerned members of the party in Britain.

Members expressed concerns that several discrepancies had been found in the way and manner Philip Ideawor is perfecting his plans to continue his illegal and undemocratic dominance on genuine members by attempting to open a new chapter in London just as instructions came from Abuja to prepare avenue for a UK APC national convention.

This sudden attempt by Philip Idaewor to launch a separate new London chapter smacks of mere suspicion to further divide our great party in the UK and therefore seen by many as ultra vires and illegal.

The desperation of Mr Philip Ideawor to dominate and scuttle democracy in UK APC has further led to more revelations of his undignified, suppressive and authoritarian behaviour. We believe in the rule of law and we have a believe that if we level an allegation, the onus is on us to prove it.

On this note, we are pleased to inform APC UK members and progressives alike that a former associate and close source to Philip Idaewor has revealed to us compelling documentary evidence that finally point us to the location where the “dead bodies” (plans to rig) are buried.


Unknown to the leadership and without knowledge of APC in Nigeria, Philip Idaewor in partnership with his co-plotter, one MICHAEL OSHINYEMI, had secretly registered APC UK in the united kingdom since March 2014.

The attached legal document (below) shows that Philip and Michael had entered into a pact to single-handedly control and manage the affairs of APC UK for their personal interests. This is in defiance of the instructions contained in a letter from the National Secretariat dated January 31st 2014 that “nobody shall be an officer of the APC Diaspora chapter if he/she has not been so elected at a properly conducted Diaspora congress”.

Philip also defies the contents of a letter he has been brandishing to deceive UK members dated 18th April 2016 and signed by Chief John Oyegun that he has been recognised as APC UK Chairman. Unknown to APC NEC/NWC in Nigeria, Philip and Michael had registered and have been running APC UK clandestinely with ACTIVE accounts and returns up to date with Companies House, Cardiff, UK since 2014. The status of the company remains ACTIVE and operational to date.

Reference to a letter from Abuja dated 18/4/2016, page 2, section 8, it clearly states: “No body shall be an officer of the APC Diaspora chapter if he/she has not been so elected at a properly conducted Diaspora convention. Philip Idaewor failed dismally to understand the simple instructions from the party National Secretariat that no Diaspora election shall be deemed to have been properly conducted without the concurrence of APC National Working Committee in Nigeria”

Page 11, Article 16, of the attached legal document (below) obtained from companies house revealed that PHILIP IDAEWOR and MICHAEL OSHINYEMI have changed and fraudulently manipulated the provisions of the APC constitution.

The duo illegally signed the Company House document as Directors and arrogated powers to themselves. Both of them conferred powers on themselves to “make ANY RULE which they think fit at ANY time!

On page 12, Article 19 of same companies house document, both Philip and Michael have assigned to themselves and are ENTITLED to remuneration, payment of PENSION, allowance, gratuity, sickness and disability allowances! This is shocking! In the era of change and with our President leading the fight against corruption, financial recklessness and probity, these elements are determined to take APC UK back to the days of PDP!

On page 12, Article 20 of the referenced document, both Philip and Michael are entitled to paid expenses for directors meeting and general meeting.

We believe this is a sitting allowance per every meeting held in the UK. This is an insight into how Philip intends to lead his imaginary UK chapter.

On page 12, Article 21, Philip & Michael’s membership procedure is in total contrast with the membership provisions stated in the APC constitution.

The most troubling point here is Philip’s insertion that both himself and Michael MUST approve every membership application.

This is already in play as prospective members in the UK have complained of being denied registration by Philip and his puppet-surrogates tagged “APC UK NEC” (whatever that means!).

On page 16, Article 36, Philip and Michael have placed an embargo on any form of financial scrutiny. Article 36 of the companies house document clearly states that “NO PERSON IS ENTITLED TO INSPECT ANY OF THE CHAPTER’S ACCOUNTING AND FINANCIAL PAPERS”.

Both Philip & Michael intend to collect members subscription fees but no member can and would be in a position to question or verify how UK Chapter funds are spent or squandered.

This is KEY to the desperation of Philip and his active attempt to rig at any cost, the upcoming APC UK election.

According to his associate, this is one of the main motives for the ongoing antics to thwart any form of democratically elected executive(s).

We have always suspected that financial and monetary gains could be major reasons for the desperation of Philip and his puppets who suck up his unholy path.

Please see attached (below) legal document from Companies House, Cardiff. Please pay particular attention to the highlighted lines and pages.



Thank you.
Adenike Lucas.

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