Jeremy Corbyn Wins Leadership Contest Again

Adenike Lucas, reporting Live from Liverpool.

Jeremy Corbyn defeated Owen Smith to be re-elected leader of the Labour Party following a second leadership contest triggered by mass resignation of fellow MPs during the summer.

Mr Smith had been selected as the “unity candidate” to face off Mr Corbyn but the MP for Pontypridd since 2010 only managed to secure 193, 229 votes compared with Mr Corbyn’s 313, 209.

After gaining 61.8 per cent share of the 506, 438 votes, the Islington North MP who appealed for unity at the party conference in Liverpool, promised to ‘wipe the slate’ clean, adding that he and his rival were from the “same Labour family.”

The 67 year-old celebrated his historic second Labour leadership election victory – which saw him win a clear majority in all membership categories (full members, registered supporters and affiliated members), in a community cafe in Birkenhead where he made French Pizza bread.

Mr Corbyn’s election victory has been welcomed by many. Len McCluskey, the leader of the biggest union, Unite called on Labour MPs to “heed the signal sent by the members – twice now in one year- about the direction they want for the party.”

Mr McCluskey, one of Mr Corbyn’s supporters said it had been a “needless” election. He then urged for the party to take on “this Conservative government.”

Hilary Benn, son of the famous former Member of Parliament for Chesterfield whose sacking as shadow foreign secretary is said to have triggered the resignation of 172 other MP said it was “Time for unity.”


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