Faceless Group Hired To Implicate Parliamentarian Who Exposed Budget Padding

Exclusive: By Adenike Lucas

Hon Abdulmumin Jibrin has condemned a ‘fake’ claim made by a faceless group sponsored to discredit the allegation of budget padding he made against the leadership of the lower chamber.

Before resigning his position as former Chairman of the House Committee on Appropriations, Hon Jibrin who represents Kiru/Bebeji Federal constituency of Kano State accused Hon Yakubu Dogara,  Deputy Speaker , Yusuff Lasun; the Minority Leader, Leo Ogor; and the Chief Whip, Hassan Ado Doguwa of “adding to the 2016 budget.”

The Speaker who once responded by telling State House media that padding was not a crime, along with Hon Maduebum are said to be working to discredit their Kano colleague who made the accusation of padding before the House went on recess in July.

A social commentator, Kayode Ogundamisi asked Hon Jibrin if he had a dutch bank account with a balance of  £1.3m and a house in Essex.

This accusation which was first made  on Sunday by the director of a group called the Anti-Corruption Unit was strongly rebutted by Hon Jibrin.

Taking to twitter, his usual style of passing information to the public,  he said the claims were “fake.”

“I do not own such account or balance neither do I have anything what so ever to do with the said address at Essex.”

“The plan is to create credibility problem for me as I release more revelations on Mr Speaker that will send shock down the spines of Nigerians.”

He said: “it is curious that all the allegations on me are made by faceless or shadow groups, no Member of the House has signed any allegation on me.”

The 40 year-old promised to report this matter to “the relevant authorities to investigate & take decisive action on this latest assault on my person & unveil the real sponsors.

“I will be reporting these hatchet men to the police & EFCC this morning & my lawyers are taking the necessary legal actions. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”

The House resumes tomorrow and he “urge the public to disregard this latest blackmail as the document in circulation is not worth a toilet paper!”


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