Exhausted British Athlete Comes 2nd With A Little Help From His Older Brother

By Adenike Lucas

An exhausted British Olympic silver medallist needed to be helped over the finish line by his older brother in the Triathlon World Series in Mexico.

With four minutes of running left, Jonny Brownlee 26, who was leading the race, began to weave over the road before his 28-year old brother Alistair came from behind to lift and push him over the line.

Alistair who won successive gold medals in the triathlon at the 2012 London Olympics and then at the Rio Games this summer gave up the chance to win the race  by helping his younger brother.

The pair from Yorkshire came second and third.  South African Henri Schoeman won the race denying Jonny the world title.  The world title was won by Mario Mola Díaz by four points ahead of Johnny.

Many are relieved to know that there will be no consequences to this aided help because there is nothing in the rule that says a fellow competitor can’t help a fellow contestant as long as they both finish the race.

Jonny who received a silver medal at Rio and a bronze at the London 2012 collapsed to the ground the moment he crossed the finish line.

He is currently admitted in hospital where  he tweeted a photo of himself on a drip to say thanks to Alistair. He said, his “loyalty is incredible.”


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