EFCC still holding popular blogger, Abusidiq

By Adenike Lucas

The EFCC has failed to release a popular blogger who exposed corruption in the commission.

Abusidiq was arrested on Monday in the presence of his wife and young children on the allegation of cyberstalking. It is been widely debated that his arrest was due to the publication of a series of exposé on the anti-graft agency led by Mr Ibrahim Mustafa Magu.

Calls to Mr Magu by intermediaries on behalf of Abusidiq have been made. The Acting chairman of the EFCC claims to be out of the country.

Despite a release by the EFCC stating that Abubukar Usman Sidiq was about to be released yesterday afternoon, and the intervention of several prominent members of society to secure his release, the father of two young children remains locked up for a crime not well established by the commission.

A well-known Senior Advocate of Nigeria speaking to the owner of this blog, Adenike Lucas explained that Cybercrimes Act, a law which was passed during the tenure of the former President, Dr Goodluck Jonathan carries a fine of 7 million or imprisonment for 3 years or both.

In the explanation given, it was stated that this law does not apply to the Kogi-born blogger who had only given air space to whistle blowers.

Many are starting to wonder if this is a clamp down on freedom of speech or are journalist now to fear for their lives because of their job.

The EFCC has so far given a tough bail condition to Abusidiq who as at the time of filing this report remains in detention.

The publisher has been asked to provide two sureties who must be Directors in the civil service.

The trending hashtag #FreeAbusidiq has been used on Twitter by Nigerians to voice their concerns over this deep injustice.


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