By Ejiro Tom 

False narratives, requires a re-narration, otherwise someday, it will be transformed into a compendium by the narrators to mislead innocent and unsuspecting members of the society.

The episodes of blatant lies, gross innuendos and falsehood reported on Dambazau by Sahara reporters in close succession has become subject of discuss within the Nigeria society.

There is the proverbial saying that ’’the sane man who jumps into the mud waters at the instance of a mad person inside such water will be seen by onlookers to have lost his sanity’’.

General A B Dambazzau

Fruitless attempt by Sahara reporters that may have allotted its platform to a fifth columnist owing to juicy enticement, to drag the hard earned reputation of General Dambazau (Rtd) to odium and set him against the good people of this Country as well as his boss has been ignored with the hope that they will refrain and embrace the ideals of journalism which is encapsulated in factual and verifiable reportage.

Again I am mindful of the fact that leaving our esteem readers with false and malicious publications will inadvertently allow the law of repetition in favor of satanic manipulations against our beloved Country men and women.

I recall with nostalgia the enormous impact I received using one of Dambazau’s books on criminology during my post graduate days, and fell deeply hurt, seeing the reputation of one of Nigeria’s greatest Military and intellectual icon being drag to the mud by some faceless individuals, hence my resolve to put the records straight.

It would be recalled that an attempt was made to drag Dambazau into issues relating to arms probe at a time Sahara reporters claimed to have gotten it’s so called reliable information of false indictment of the innocent retired general, when the committee was yet to submit its report. Unfortunately for the prophets of doom, the report came out to their disappointment. Shamelessly, they changed gear and began casting aspersions on the credibility of the same committee which they claimed reliably gave them the information.

Little did Sahara reporters know that, Dambazau served as the Chief of Army Staff when the power to award such contracts was domiciled in the Ministry of Defense and not at the Army Headquarters.

Taking a cursory look at the three interim reports submitted thus far, it’s clear therefore why neither the NSAs nor the Service Chiefs that served within that period were indicted.

Albeit, Boko Haram as a sect were curtailed by General Dambazau, without they having the capacity to carry out large scale attacks.

The type they did, when they took over some local government before the coming on board of General Buratai, who is currently brutalizing them out of existence.

To me it has become increasingly clear that the attacks against Dambazau under whose watch as COAS the insurgents were humbled, and Buratai who has decapitated their capabilities, is largely being orchestrated by a fragment of fleeing terrorist elements from heavy military weaponry, now ganging up to institute media warfare, known as Media Terrorism. Buratai will continue to win the war, while Dambazau’s agencies are winning the peace and re-establishing civilian authorities.

‘For in vain the net is spread in the sight of the bird’’. Sahara reporter’s antics against these two prominent symbols of government had failed on arrival.

Their consummating desire to pull down the quite but focused Minister of Interior who is poised on delivery on President Buhari’s key agenda of ensuring safety of lives and properties did not allow the false alarmist time to re-strategize before coming up with an allegation that Dambazau collected one billion naira monthly from the Nigerian Army salaries while he was the Chief of Army Staff.

As ridiculous as this allegation sounds, it leaves the average person to wonder what the gross emolument of the Nigerian Army was at the time he was the Chief of Army Staff. The burden of proof is again on Sahara reporters. Nigerians are watching, reading in between the lines and Sahara reporter’s credibility is fast eroding.

Subsequently, they came up with yet another allegation that General Dambazau encouraged the Comptroller General of Prisons to falsify his age in 2015, giving credence to one of the fundamental principle in investigating crime scenes, which established the fact that criminals will always make mistakes, thus leaving detectable traces at the scene of crime. Putting this succinctly Dambazau was appointed the Interior Minister on November 2015, at a time the current CG Prison was not known to him.

But then one begins to wonder the attraction or motivation that would compel a Minister of his class to kick start his administration by encouraging a Prison Officer to doctor his age.

What this bourgeois allegation implies is that he relocated his office to Prison headquarters within his first month in office to enable him study the service records of Prison Officer. Even the author of this story knows it’s not true, hence it attributed it source to a reliable person in the Prison Service.

The secret of a successful man is best told by such individual who cares to research the man in the story.

If the accusers of this focused gentleman had exercised little restrain, they may have avoided the lure of desperate politicians and 5th columnist who are hell bent on using their ill-gotten wealth to unleash false campaign against a well-meaning administration. Dambazau attended Kent State University, Ohio where he acquired bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice as well as Masters Degree in International relations, and later did his Doctorate degree in Criminology in the United Kingdom.

Aside from being an author of so many books in his field, the erudite scholar and seasoned security chief relocated to the United States at retirement in 2010.

While in U.S, he was a fellow and later Associate at Harvard University between 2012 and 2014 before joining Buhari campaign.

He has been a senior research fellow at the centre for Peace, Democracy and Development, University of Massachusettes, Boston.

General Dambazau is a visiting Professor of Igbinedion University, Okada and Chairman University Advancement Centre, University of Ibadan. In other words, he has enormous intellectual properties to his credit.

Sahara reporters need to go find out for themselves, as investigative journalism is the order of the day. That he owns properties worth billions of naira in Abuja is an attempt to distract him from fulfilling his mandate of repositioning the Interior Ministry for greater efficiency, like the previous grand plots, this has also failed.

For someone of his intellectual prowess and position in the society do Sahara reporters think he cannot make money beyond his service years? Haba Sahara Reporters, how do you sustain your site? Advert or blackmail?

Instead of channeling scare resources to propagating fruitless campaign of calumny, Sahara reporters will do well to advice their sponsors to channel their resources towards assisting the less privileged in our society and allow government space to deliver on its electioneering promises.




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