Governor Seyi Makinde Says Oyo Anti-Corruption Law Will “Keep Us In Check, Hold Us Accountable”

👤 By Abdul Tukur, DENISAURUS News

The Governor of Oyo State, Seyi Makinde, has said that the anti-corruption law he signed will keep his government “in check.”

Governor Makinde, who was elected in 2019, argues that “corruption kills the society.”

He said “when money meant for projects, salaries and certain developmental initiatives are diverted, we miss the opportunities.”

The Oyo State House of Assembly had passed a law to help fight corruption.

The Committee on Public Account, Finance and Appropriation which made a presentation of the report on the bill before it was passed, believed the current anti-graft agencies were overburdened with too many cases.

However, the Speaker of OSHA, Adebo Ogundoyin stated that thenew anti-graft agency in Oyo State will not “duplicate the activities of federal anti-graft agencies including the EFCC and ICPC but will further complement their activities to completely rid Oyo state of corrupt tendencies and practices.”

A spokesperson to the Governor sent a press statement explaining that the law signed by Governor Makinde, would not be used to “witch-hunt” anyone and it would not be used to “settle scores.”

“This is not a law meant to witch-hunt anyone. It is not about politics or political interests. It is not about APC or PDP but about Oyo State. We know for a fact that if we tackle corruption, we will have enough resources to take care of our people and that is exactly what this law is meant to achieve for us.”

Governor Makinde, the only Peoples Democratic Party member to hold an executive position in the South West, explained that the law will be used to tackle corruption.

“So, we believe we have to tackle corruption. I said it during my inaugural address as the Executive Governor of Oyo State that I will be ready to waive my immunity to face any corruption charges against my person and I still maintain that position,” the statement seen by DENISAURUS News states.

The Governor then implored “everybody, the citizens of Oyo State to say something when they see something. And I can give you the assurance that we will act. We do know that people may want to take certain things for granted.”

He said: “I did mention that there is a serious temptation in this job. For instance, I am being paid N550,000 and I have to run a yearly budget of over 200 billion Naira. Of course, we will be tempted but we have to resist the temptation. We have to know that whichever position we occupy is based on the trust of the people and when we leave, we will still go back to the larger society and, if we perpetuate corruption, the effect is waiting for us out there.

“So, I want to assure the people of Oyo State that this law will keep us in check, hold us accountable. And if you have anything about any of us, don’t hesitate to bring the facts out and the law will take its full course.”



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