#Conservative Party Conference 2019: Prime Minister Vows To Build 40 New Hospitals

👤 Adenike Lucas, Manchester, DENISAURUS News 

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has unveiled “the biggest programme of hospital building in a generation,” at the start of the Conservative party conference in Manchester.

The plan, according to Boris Johnson, Member of Parliament for Uxbridge and South Ruislip since 2015, will see a spending of £13 billion, which will be used to build up to 40 new hospital and upgrade up to 20 other hospitals across the country.

At the conference, which began at 12am, DENISAURUS News understand that Mr Johnson, was on his way to visit North Manchester General Hospital, one of the hospitals he promised to rebuild.

Mr Johnson, who was selected to lead the Tory party by a large section of the members over 70 days ago, is expected to address party faithful on Wednesday.

The Conservative Party leader, who prorogued parliament “illegally” is expected to provide details of his Brexit plans to party members in his address.

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