AISHA IS GENEROUS, But Buhari Is UNGRATEFUL – MBAKA, Spiritual Force Behind The President’s 2015 Win SPEAKS OUT

👤 Danjuma Aliyu, DENISAURUS News

Ejike Mbaka says President Muhammadu Buhari is backed by his spiritual authority, but all that can change.

The spiritual director of Adoration Ministry, one of the major religious force behind President Buhari in 2015, said the 75-year-old who defeated an incumbent for the first time through the ballot in Nigeria was “ungrateful” to his ministry.

In a trending video, Father Mbaka said: “I want to remind you that if Buhari will remain ungrateful to this ministry he is going nowhere.”

The President who went on an unprecedented 100 day medical to the United Kingdom is being kept alive by a spiritual force, the Catholic leader went on to add.

“One thing that is holding him (Buhari) is spiritual, how many times has he almost died? And he should not take it for granted that he is healthy.”

Father Mbaka did not state whether he would support President Buhari’s second term bid, but he stated that Aisha, the First Lady has been generous to him.

“Supporting Buhari is almost becoming a curse, we will not tell you that we will not support him, even if not for the sake of his good wife. She has been sending some little charity… for his (Buhari’s ) sake, I was almost assassinated because we stood for him.”

According to Father Mbaka “Anything can happen, and his (Buhari) health can collapse. Atiku is waiting for him somewhere and the only thing that can stop Atiku is spiritual. You people should go and come back, you people should not take us for granted, I am speaking with spiritual mandate.”

A few days ago, Father Mbaka whose church is based in Enugu demanded for donation from Abubakar Atiku’s running mate, but Peter Obi refused.

Father Mbaka and President Buhari

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