CUPP Uncovers Plot By APC Led Federal Govt To Endanger Democracy

👤 By Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere

The Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP) has uncovered yet another plot by the outgoing APC led Federal government to yet endanger our democracy and push our country closer to the edge of the cliff preparatory to finally pushing it over for total destruction.

This latest dastardly act by the anti-democratic forces of the APC included the surreptitious filing of a Suit and seeking out a compromised judge who will in controversial circumstances grant an exparte application directing that one third of the Senators/House members can demand to open either Chambers of the National Assembly.

CUPP have been informed that the plot also includes the Police inviting the leadership of the National Assembly just before the controversial ruling and their subsequent detention with a black market injunction from a magistrate Court thereby paving way for the unlawful and violent change of the leadership of the Senate and House of Representatives. Some of the security agencies will provide security cover for the coupists while a section of the media has been co opted to churn out news and justification for such evil plots.

This kind of desperation by the outgoing APC and Presidency can only be likened to the last kicks of a dying horse which usually gives it the hope that it will salvage the head which is already off. The ship of the APC is fast sinking and is obviously beyond redemption. Nigerians are daily convinced that that the APC was a mistake made in 2015 and are also resolved that they are a mistake to be corrected in 2019.

It is worrisome that the Party entrusted by Nigerians to provide leadership, growth and development for the country could in one plot compromise the judiciary, the legislature, the Police, the Department of State Services, the media and indeed all institutions of our democracy.

In the coming days, Nigerians and indeed all lovers of democracy world over are hereby placed on alert to watch out for the unfolding of this plot and call on the Presidency and the APC not to destroy our democracy before they leave office in eight months as Nigerians have rejected them and cannot wait to send them packing in the next general elections.We call on the international community to place key members of the APC led Federal government on watch list and ensure they have no hiding place anywhere in the world should anything happen to our democracy.

Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere is CUPP 1st National Spokesperson

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