Nigerian Army Denies Claim That It Planned Abduction Of Dapchi Girls

By Moshood Olawale, DENISAURUS News

The Nigerian Army on Sunday denied a facetiousreport by one Sergeant David Bako, which claimed that the kidnapping of the Dapchi girls was plotted and executed by the military and not by Boko Haram. 

Sergeant Bako, a deserted soldier, stated in an interview with Daily Globe Watch News that the 115 girls taken from a school in Yobe State last month were not kidnapped by the dangerous terrorist group.

The report quoted Sergeant Boko as saying the Nigerian Military were paid to carry out the abduction.

“Barnawi faction of Boko Haram knows nothing about the abduction of Dapchi girls. Instead, he along with 16 loyalist of President Muhammadu Buhari “were paid N80 million to carry out the abduction,” he said.

“We planned and rehearsed for two weeks to make it look real,” he allegedly stated in an email to the Paris based media organisation.

The plan, according to Sergeant Bako who claims to be on the run, “is to make Nigerians regain their confidence in the Buhari government , demobilize the PDP which we all dislike with a passion and the Obasanjo coalition which the Villa saw as an emerging threat if something is not urgently done.”

The Nigerian military through its Army Public Relations, Brigadier General Texas Chukwu, has refuted the allegation.

In a statement seen by DENISAURUS News, Brigadier General Texas Chukwu said: “The attention of the Nigerian Army has been drawn to a news report making round on Facebook and other social media to smear and drag the Nigerian Army into politics of calumny by mischief makers, that one deserted Sergeant David Bako leaks how Dapchi Girls abduction was planned in the villa and executed with N80 million.

“The Nigerian Army therefore put the record straight that it has crosscheck it records and cannot find any one call Sergeant David Bako who neither serves in the Army, deserted or dismissed.

“The Nigerian Army therefore disassociates itself with such fictitious report and request the public to disregard the confession made by the so call Sergeant David Bako who has not been in the Army at all.

“It is imperative to know that these baseless and inane allegations are not new in the cyber space, knowing the fact that we are in the age of information warfare. Open Source Intelligence reveals that the website with country code top-level domain (ccTLD) .eu used in publishing stories is obviously fake and therefore not correct.

“Based on our findings the website was registered on the 14 of April 2017 and the last updated was on the same date and will expire on the 14th April 2018, we are very familiar with reports of this nature and will advice the general public to disregard such claim and desist from sharing such information on the New Media as this is against the Nigerian Cybercrime Act 2015.

“However, it is really worrisome to the level at which some people could condescend so low to fabricate facetious allegation against the Nigerian Army and the military at large for cheap political gains or simply an act of pure wickedness, thus the public should disregard such facetious allegation.

“The Nigerian Army wishes to reiterate its commitment to remain apolitical and non-partisan in the discharge of its constitutional roles. We would also like to reaffirm our unconditional support and obedience to civil authority as well as reassuring Nigerians that these Fifth columnists will not succeed in their mischief as they will be fished out and dealt with accordingly.”

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