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SHOCKING: EFCC’s Magu Attempts To Frame Reinstated ‘Whistle Blower’

Exclusive: By Adenike Lucas

A corrupt police officer attached to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, office in Maiduguri has finally been detained.

The officer, Sgt. Bashir Muhammad, who was arrested for the instrumental role he played in the sale of a case file to a suspect in the Borno office, initially boasted of getting away with his crimes, sources familiar to the matter have told this newspaper.

Sources that have long complained about how their boss, Ibrahim Mustafa Magu was putting seconded police cronies at an advantage over them, said on “Friday 19th January, one of Mr Magu’s police officer negotiated a financial deal with a suspect.

“The deal between the officer was a payment for the swap of a case file, which a core junior operative was asked to deliver to the suspect.

“The case file was sold for more than a million Naira and once the information began to filter through the Commission an order for arrest was made.”

Zonal Head of Maiduguri office, Aminu Ado Aliyu, confirmed to the press today, that a police officer and a Detective Assistant have since been reprimanded over the matter.

DENISAURUS News first published articles on how officers seconded to the anti-corruption agency were collecting kickbacks with the awareness of their boss, Mr Magu.

Allegations of the Borno Officer being aware of the exploit of his corrupt officers was confirmed by an Intel report which stated that Mr Magu, a perennial offender, was able to cover his shortcomings by using police cronies to execute operations.

According to the indicting report by the State Security Service, SSS, the acting chairman, whose nomination was later rejected due to corruption, uses police lackeys to carry out shoddy operations.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, one source said police officers have been getting away with collecting kickbacks but there is usually a cover up and nothing is usually done to the offending officer.

“Worst case, they are returned back to their mother organisation, which is the Nigeria Police Force.”

For example, a staff said, this time the plan was to implicate a senior core staff who was suspended and recently redeployed to Borno State, since evidence could not be found for his original offence.

The senior operative, who was suspended for allegedly blowing the whistle on crimes at the agency in 2015, was asked to return to the agency in November 2017. Two months after his return a wicked and sinister plot was arched out to implicate him so he can be totally dismissed.

A source at commission, who intimated this online newspaper to information from the suspect, claimed that it was one of Mr Magu’s officers who offered to make the case file disappear with the exchange of money.

But, it was the senior staff, that was recently deployed to Borno state, that the officers planned to indict at first.

It is not the first time DENISAURUS News has exposed internal crimes at the Commission.

Insiders alerted this paper to another case where junior staff members sold almost hundred computers belonging to the commission at cheap rates.

At present, the stolen computers is said to contain exhibits for some cases in court and the fact that they are been sold, will impede the continuation of these cases in court.

Similarly, on January 1st, suspects paid money to officers and were allowed to escape from detention.


These are a few of the recent issues plaguing the anti-graft agency, since the nomination of the acting chairman, Mr Magu, was rejected in March 2017.
















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