EXPOSED: Magu Of EFCC Using Operatives For Kickback From PEPs

đŸ‘€Exclusive: By Staff Reporter At The Pebbles News (@pebbles_news)

The least has not been heard of the ‘Corruption and Impunity’ perpetrated by the Acting Chair of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Ibrahim Mustafa Magu.

Information at disposal of The Pebbles News, revealed that Magu of EFCC had been using an Operative of the Anti-graft,  Zakari Usman, at the Lagos Office to perpetrate several atrocities at EFCC.

Most recent of all, is the investigation of the case of $2.1b Arms Deal (popularly known as #DASUKIGate), relating to the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP Director of Finance, Goodluck Jonathan Campaign 2015 Election. The said Director is Esther Nenadi Usman, was a former Senator and one time Minister of State for Finance.

According to our source, one of the operative who was involved in the investigation of Mrs Usman, is a very strong lackeys of Magu of EFCC, used to execute most of the backdoor and dirty deals of the anti-graft boss.

The Pebbles News gathered that from the very beginning of the investigation of the Arms Deal, Magu of EFCC had been tactically using the said operative, to collect ‘kickbacks,’ while at the same time, the Officer uses the opportunity of having EFCC Chair support, to also amass for himself all manner of illicit favours in cash and kind from Politically Exposed Persons, PEPs.

One of the first illegality perpetrated by the Operative on behalf of Magu of EFCC, revealed our source, is the bribe of N500Million  (Five Hundred Million Naira) in early 2016. This was to sub-peddal on the alleged indictment of Mrs Nenadi Usman, by way of reducing the Charges, and preparing the case to die on arrival at the Court, after evidence must have been tampered with.

However in another development, The Pebbles News gathered from reliable source, that in order to seal the bond with Mrs Usman, and subsequently prevent the case from seen the light of the day, Magu of EFCC single-handedly encouraged the Operative to Wed the Daughter of the Former Kaduna State Senator. This with the hope that everyone will keep a seal lip, and the bond and union will prevent any attraction of suspicion from the general public.

Presently as revealed from our source, The Pebbles News is aware of a Brand New Luxury Vehicle which Mrs Nenadi Usman bought for the Operative, whom Magu of EFCC arranged to marry her daughter, to serve as his conduit pipe in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.

Further revelation from our source, shows that the said Operative have been living a lavish lifestyle, living above means. But when the attention of Magu of EFCC was called upon by a Superior Officer, instead of ordering Investigation, the Anti-graft Boss dismissed the report and subsequently victimised the Officer that revealed how the Operative is spending extravagantly at Night Clubs and other Social Event functions. The Pebbles News can reliably report.

As The Pebbles News had always known about Magu of EFCC, that the Anti-graft Boss deliberately got his Lackeys Operative entangled in this web, to make it easy for ‘Blackmail’ in the event the Officer tried to expose him in future. That is Mr Magu’s game, revealed the source.

Authoritatively, our source informed The Pebbles News, that Mrs Nenadi Usman also bought a well furnished apartment for the said Operative at Gwarimpa, Abuja. This is to further cement and extinguish any other obstacle that may affect the pending Investigation, over the involvement of the former GEJ’s Campaign Finance Director in the Arms Deal.

According to our source, this is just one case scenario of the series of illicit activities, that Magu of EFCC have been nurturing since his appointment by President Muhammadu Buhari, as the Acting Chair of the EFCC in November 2015.

The Pebbles News wish to reiterate its ever ready determination, to always reveal all Exposé on Magu of EFCC, as would be exposed from time to time.

EFCC staff members have in the past appealed to President Buhari to come to their aid, hence sent in Petitions against their boss Mr Magu. However, Mr President is yet to act on the issue of the Anti-graft Agency’s Boss, despite Report from the Department of State Services DSS, which led to the rejection of Nomination by NASS Senate Lawmakers early this year.

Several calls was put across to the spokesperson of the EFCC, Wilson Uwujaren, but at the time of filing this report, he neither returned our calls nor reply to our text message.

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