Current Affairs

Billionaire Football Club Owner Gives Homeless RAF Veteran A Job And A House

By Christian Smith 

A billionaire football club owner has lifted two homeless men out of poverty by offering them a full time job and a place to sleep.

Glenn Tamplin, manager and proprietor of Billericay Town FC, a semi-professional football club based in Essex, had repeatedly bumped into the men who he decided to help this morning.

The steel tycoon has offerred RAF veteran Richard, a job as a general caretaker.

Ray, a friend to Richard was offered full time employment to work in security at the club’s AGP Arena ground.

“For the last month or so I have been buying them fish and chips, coffees and just stopping to have a chat in the street,” Mr Tamplin said according to the Daily Mirror.

“I started wondering how I could change their lives for the better and decided this morning to give them both a chance.

“I picked Richard and Ray up in my car and drove them to the football club where they will live for the next few weeks.

“Ray is going to spend a few weeks with the current security team before taking on the job full-time.


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