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Eniola Mustafa Aminu Detained Under Mental Health Act For Carrying Knife Outside Parliament Gates

By Christian Smith

A knifeman arrested at gunpoint just yards from where Parliamentary PC Keith Palmer was killed, has been detained under the Mental Health Act.

Eniola Mustafa Aminu, 27 from Greenwich who was carrying a nine inch knife at Westminster’s Carriage Gates entrance on Friday 16 June, has been detained at the Bracton Centre, a medium-secure mental health unit in Kent under section 37 of the Mental Health Act 1983.

Court heard that the 27-year “wanted the police to shoot me.”  Prosecutor Sian Morgan revealed at the trial that Mr Aminu was on “a death by cop” suicide mission.


Judge Nicholas Loraine-Smith said: “Every psychiatrist who has seen you since you committed this offence agrees that you were mentally unwell at the time you committed it and you are still mentally unwell.

“Your mental illness began to show itself last year and resulted in your detention under the Mental Health Act of three to four months this year.

“The court is satisfied that you are suffering from a mental disorder of a nature or degree which makes it appropriate for you to be detained in a hospital for medical treatment.

“I make an order under the Mental Health Act 1983 section 37 for your detention until you are better. Then you can gradually be released back into the community.”


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