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Knifeman, Eniola Mustafa Aminu Who Was On A “Death By Cop” Suicide Mission Will Be Sentenced Next Month

By Christian Smith 

A knifeman arrested at gunpoint just yards from where Parliamentary PC Keith Palmer was killed, will be sentenced next month at Southwark crown court.

A Court heard that Eniola Mustafa Aminu, 27 from Greenwich was on “a death by cop” suicide mission.

The 27-year-old who admitted carrying a nine-inch knife at Westminster’s Carriage Gates entrance, three months after a jihadist stabbed and killed PC Keith Palmer, “wanted to die.”

Mr Aminu who will be sentenced on September 19, said he “wanted the police to shoot me, I did not want to live any more,” Prosecutor Sian Morgan revealed at the trial.

Mr Aminu’s defence, Neil Allan stated that he had mental issues, adding that: “This was not a political act. He simply wanted to die and wanted the officers to shoot him.”

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