EFCC’s Rejected Boss Hit By Fresh Scandal

Exclusive: By Adenike Lucas, DENISAURUS News

Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, the acting Chair of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, faces a fresh scandal after authorising raids into the homes of innocent people in Kaduna.

The latest raid was at the home of a prominent leader. The man, a former Customs Officer cum farmer in Zaria, is said to have disengaged from service about two years ago.

When the raid took place last week Thursday, sources informed this website that EFCC operatives “directed from Abuja” found nothing.

The suspect who has since been released from EFCC custody was informed that a whistle blower informed the anti-graft agency that he had buried million of naira in his house – which DENISAURUS News understands is not untrue.

Staff are now worried that their boss is deliberately sabotaging the whistle blowing policy. They say CSP Ibrahim Baffa, the Head of Operations in Kaduna, a known ally of Mr Magu, conspires with false whistle blowers – and such information is used to embarrass innocent people.

Mr Magu, who is described by the state security service as a liability to the corruption fight was rejected by the Senate in March 2017.

DENISAURUS News has spoken to hundreds of EFCC workers. Many who spoke on the condition of anonymity exposed their boss as a corrupt officer, which is in line with the DSS report.

Mr Magu continues to vicitmise staff for speaking out to this website. Recent attempt to vent his anger is the non-confirmation of EFCC Core Managerial Staff, as he believes that they are behind his rejection.

DENISAURUS News spoke to a staff who worked with Mr Magu at his previous department, but has now been posted to a Port Harcourt office of the Anti-graft Agency.

This interview comes after several complaint by staff members, who felt they are being allowed by the Federal Government to receive Mr Magu’s frustration owing to his rejection for confirmation.

DENISAURUS News has consistently been exposing all the atrocities and corruption by Mr Magu, which was subsequently corroborated by the Department of States Services DSS, in its indicting report to NASS Senate sometime late 2016.

Recently, DENISAURUS News reported exclusively that Nigeria’s Financial Intelligence Unit was suspended from the Egmont Group.

Reporters from DENISAURUS News discovered that Mr Magu has cultivated the habit of using official position to frustrate married EFCC core managerial staff, due to what is  ascertained as “lust” for personal psychosis.

Information at our disposal revealed that a very senior female EFCC core managerial staff, who had caution Mr Magu in the past on the illegal recruitment Acts, has been indiscriminately posted more that five times within three months, to various state where the Anti-graft agency has offices. According to staff members, this is a method Mr Magu uses to frustrate staff to resign their appointment.

Most recent, as learned by DENISAURUS News from another reliable source, is a female EFCC core managerial staff, whom Mr Magu had been frustrating since assumption as Acting boss of EFCC.

Sometimes a week back, a “psychophant” had alerted Mr Magu, that the said female EFCC core managerial staff usually takes her hour break for school runs (dropping and picking ones kids from school). As soon as Mr Magu got the “amebo/ offfofo”, having had a grudge with the mother-staff, the Anti-graft agency boss ordered her transfer away from her family to a distance Zonal Office of the EFCC.

The staff refused to move so far from her family.

According to a government official, the staff has done nothing wrong. The senior civil servant explained that the Public Service Rule makes provision for consideration of married women, when it has to do with postings/ transfer away from family/ husband.

At present, we learned that the said female EFCC core managerial staff has resigned her appointment.

A colleague of the staff questioned Mr Magu’s reasoning, saying: “how does he think he can run an agency like this, by depriving a mother to pick her kids from school? When has that become a crime or offence in Nigeria Public Service?”

EFCC staff members have constantly complained about Mr Magu. They are pleading with the President that he should replace Mr Magu before he destroys the entire agency.

“Please, President Muhammadu Buhari, they said:  “The Senate’s rejection of this our boss was legitimate. Our boss is corrupt and he has lost all authority to fight corruption.”

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