Kogi West: “I Stand With Senator Dino Melaye”

By Anyanwu Ifeanyi Paul

My years studying in the University of Nigeria taught me a valuable lesson, freedom is not gotten freely, it is fought for with strength and tears.

Senator Dino Melaye remains a unique Senator. He stood for the truth in the House of Representatives and was suspended; he stood for the truth in his university union and was victimised; he is standing for the truth in the Nigerian Polity today and is being victimised.

I write today as a powerful politician with the belief that Nigeria will get better very soon. I, Anyanwu Ifeanyi Paul believe that the reign of the tyrants will soon come to an end.

Why will a government not pay salaries of workers? Why would an elected governor not pay pensioners in his state? What stops him from developing the state with the proper infrastructure? It all boils down to wickedness and greed?

You want to recall the Senator Nigerian youths love so much, the Senator that stands up tall for the Nigerian people, a Senator that speaks the truth no matter the circumstance, a man who has decided whether in death to fight for the privileges of the downtrodden? This is the man you want to recall.

As Christians we serve a living God. Hand joined in hands the wicked shall not go unpunished for sure.

Like many others, I stand with Dino Melaye in this fight. The plans for his recall shall not stand, and that is because we still need Dino Melaye in the Senate. Nigerians youths still need the active and unshakeable voice of the Lion Melaye!

He is the right hand man and a loyalist to our hard working Senate President who has done marvellously well in the little time he has spent in the Senate.

So I enjoin all Nigerian youths, let’s rise up and say no to this Kangaroo recall! Nigerian youths let us stand up for the truth! Let us stand with Mr. Melaye!

I paraphrase Martin Luther King Jnr. and say today; the greatest measure of Nigerian youths is not where they stand when all is rosy and good, but where they stand when the voice of truth is persecuted.

I stand with Dino Melaye. I stand with Dino! Where do you stand?

* Anyanwu Ifeanyi Paul is of the Movement for the Actualisation of Change in Nigeria, MACIN


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