Theresa May: “The Lunch Snatcher”

By Abdul Tukur

The leader of the Conservative party, Theresa May was dubbed a “lunch snatcher” after her party launched its manifesto at Halifax today.  

Mrs May who called an early general elections after denying that she would to do so, outlined the position of the Conservative three weeks before voters go to the poll.

The manifesto pledges to repeal the ban on fox hunting, reduce the triple lock to double lock and bring an end to the universal free school lunch for infants.

Similarly, in the 1970s a former Conservative leader, Margaret Thatcher stopped free milk for primary school children.

Yvette Cooper.JPG

If Mrs May is elected in June, she plans to introduce means testing for winter fuel payments.

Older people with up to £100,000 will have to pay for their care but they do not have to sell their house while they are alive.

Other plans include moving the Serious Fraud Office into the National Crime Agency

May’s Conservative says it would build 250,000 new homes even though plans to build 200,000 house were not meet by the past Tory administration.

The leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn has critiqued Mrs May’s plan to remove winter fuel allowance for the elderly.

Nick Clegg said the plan to end free school meals “will hit low-income working families the hardest.”

“By snatching those meals away and forcing families to pay hundreds of pounds per year for school lunches, he said Theresa May was not helping

He said: “So much for helping the ‘just about managing.’ MPs will need to vote in the next Parliament to undo the legislation we passed to provide infants with free meals under the Coalition.

“Every Conservative candidate in every constituency must now come clean: will they troop through the lobbies to take away free lunches from the children of hard-pressed families? Or will they have the decency and courage to stop the Conservatives from becoming the party of lunch snatchers?”


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