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Tottenham MP Speaks Against Trump’s Visit To The UK

By Christian Smith

The MP for Tottenham has joined the long list of voice protesting against the US President’s state visit to the United Kingdom.

David Lammy who spoke during a debate about Donald Trump’s visit at Westminster Hall last night told the Prime Minister, Theresa May to stop acting “desperate for a trade deal.”

He said: “We didn’t do this for Kennedy, we didn’t do this for Truman, we didn’t do this for Reagan, but for this man, after seven days, we say please come and we will lay on everything because we are so desperate for your company.

“That Britain should abandon all its principles and afford this man a state visit after seven days – really? Why? Because this great country is so desperate for a trade deal that we would throw all of our own history out of the window?

“They are concerned about the president that has welcomed white supremacists – it’s a term we hoped would almost fall into history – into his close inner circle,” he further said.

The Mayoral aspirant who graduated from Harvard explained his ties to America, noting that his father was buried there.

Mr Lammy, a former minister for higher education said he was ashamed with how things had become since President Trump assumed office.

“I think this country is greater than that. I think my children deserve better than that. I think my daughter deserves better than that. “I’m ashamed frankly that it has come to this.

“We should think very carefully about a President whose attitude towards the press is, as we are finding out, abhorrent.

“We should think very carefully about a President who has said the things he has said. He has put so many people in fear through his statements. For that reason, we should not afford him a state visit.”




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