Our attention has being drawn to a public statement issued by you (Philip Idaewor) on Wednesday 26th October, 2016.
In line with our Party’s constitution and instruction issued late this year by the leadership of the party, of which you are aware, that until a convention takes place in any overseas country no one must parade himself/herself as, or claim to be the chairman APC UK chapter. It is our belief that you have the capacity to interpret the constitution correctly. We therefore urge you to stop arrogating the position of Chairman APC UK to yourself and single-handedly appointing people (your puppets towing your unguided path) to elective positions.
It is a fact that there has never been any convention of APC here in the UK therefore there has not been an election. It is on record that all previous efforts made by true democrats in the party here in the UK to bring all existing APC groups and the merging parties together for the purpose of conducting a UK wide Convention so that elections could take place were thwarted by you.
We are aware of your ambition to dominate and impose yourself and your small group of desperate position-seeking elements on several thousands of APC supporters in the UK. We are the progressives and true democrats.
Our great Party APC is a broad church. We are not a party of the few. We are a Party that embraces all and sundry who share our values for the benefit of all, not for the few. We are true democrats who are committed to ensuring that a free, fair and clean election that accommodates every single APC member, takes place in the UK.
We unreservedly and overwhelmingly abhor any form of imposition on us whether in the form of interim or substantive executive. We will make sure every single position is voted in an all-inclusive Party convention. This is our commitment. We note in your earlier essay that you have a history of wanting to garner empathy for work you did not do. We are not hesitant to tell you that your tactics to cajole and manipulate people’s opinions will get you nowhere.
The letter from our party leadership in Abuja is clear on the mandate given to members in the United Kingdom. The referenced letter, which you have been using to deceive and perpetuate your trickery, has only one mandate and one mandate only, and that is to prepare for a convention where elections will happen.
The content of the memo can not be clearer. The letter did not authorise or empower you or your surrogates to launch new chapters and/or groups. Your attempt to launch a London chapter through the back door to further divide the Party without the knowledge of key stakeholders of the party in the UK simply amounts to unwelcomed disrespect and can only be described as a spiv that has shamed our great Party’s democracy. Your attempt to beat our members in the UK black and blue and stave them of their rights to elect who they like to be their leader in the UK is hereby rejected by us.
It is an act of impunity and disrespect to all APC members in the UK. As you claim to be a graduate in Medicine, we expect that your degree and the skills that came with it would have given you the ability to read and understand and correctly follow simple party directive and to have the decency to at least carry out the directive without going on an ego trip by opening new shops to curry favours.
In the same letter from Abuja, no one was referred to or assigned as chairman, whether interim or substantive. This is because the party hierarchy in Abuja knows clearly that there has NEVER been any APC party convention here in the UK. They meant well to want to give us a chapter, but you are using your characteristic duplicity and treachery to disrupt and twist the content of the letter to manipulate the unsuspecting APC UK members.
This is impunity, ignorance, recklessness and rascality of the highest order. It is simply a FRAUD. We would advise you to retrace your steps and uphold the values of the #change new order. In your disjointed response to our disclaimer of your planned launch of an APC UK London, you referred to article 9.3 (i) and (ii) of the APC constitution.
You implied by your statement that you are collecting/receiving monies from members already in the UK. We hope you are aware of the anti-money laundering laws in the UK? Since there has NEVER been a national chapter (but only different groups are existing), we ask you under what platform have you been swindling your unsuspecting victims? Who authorised you to collect money in the name of a non-existing national chapter of a Nigerian party in the UK? How are these monies collected? In whose account are they kept? Have you registered APC UK with companies’ house yet? If yes, when did you register the company? When did you receive letter from APC parent chapter in Abuja to do so? According to Article 23 (iii): (Party Bank Accounts).
The following elected executives of the party shall be joint & valid signatories to the party’s bank account(s) & other financial transactions: a) Chairman b) Secretary c) Treasurer d) Financial secretary If you have opened a bank account as the sole signatory without being elected in a properly constituted congress, and without the signatures of the afore-mentioned executives as provisioned by the constitution, Philip, you have breached the provisions of the APC constitution and you should be disciplined accordingly. However, if you are collecting cash from unsuspecting members, unaccounted for, and keeping same under your pillow, you are obviously treading on dangerous grounds and in breach of UK anti-money laundering law.
Philip, you may have opened a can of worms here! This is an issue we would investigate and ask all our members to look into urgently. We are unaware of your motives, but surely it is not in the interest of the All Progressives Congress (APC). The recent shoddy trend is in tandem with your tainted antecedents in the ACN. The records are there for all to see. However, we are guided by the tenets of the APC constitution and we are working in accordance with the party’s aims and objectives.
We urge you to desist from further misrepresentation and extortion as we draw your attention to the UK laws of which we are being governed and what it prescribes concerning money extortion and laundering issues. You must know that collecting money as you have claimed from unsuspecting members of the public under the guise of party membership means you are defrauding them and the UK system and that means you are flouting the British law as you are not paying tax on such illegal income. We will not take kindly to your fraudulent activities in all ramifications We will forward your response to APC headquarters and relevant authorities to further investigate the can of worms you have opened and the likely implication(s) for the party in the United Kingdom.
Adenike Lucas.

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