I want to alleviate poverty, aspirant vows

By Adenike Lucas for the Vanguard

Hon John Omotola Soares (JOS), an Obalande indigene has made a positive head start in in his campaign to become the next chairman of the Ikoyi/Obalende Local government, promising to alleviate poverty in the council when elected.

JOS as he is fondly called announced his plan in March 2015, to take over from Mr Adewale Adeniji, and has received the backing of many residents in Obalende over the period of making his announcement.

The former University of Greenwich student expressed delight at the progress made so far by his team. He promised to continue to “support creativity in youths across all sectors,” if he wins the poll scheduled for September.

“I have seen poverty in the eyes of people”, Mr Soares said in an interview over the phone.

“I hate poverty and that is why I want to help people out of it,” he added.

“I have started several programme to teach children how to enrich themselves.” Soares who was born and raised in Ikoyi / Obalende pledged to use his wealth of experience gained in his travels around the world to “make a positive impact” in the life of those he is seeking their votes.

He noted that he would do so by “minimising the high level of substandard education, creating an environment to support upcoming businesses,” and building “improvement for traders workers and women.

“Youth are hopeless,” he continued

“I am passionate about helping my community and making a positive impact.

“I believe my work experience, skill makes me capable of being chair.

“I was born and raised here. I went to primary school and went to secondary school in Victoria Island. I can make a positive impact by working hard.”



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