Sarah Omakwu: Nigeria Is Mourning and President Buhari Is Not Doing Enough To Stop Crisis (VIDEO)

👤 Uthman Muhammed, DENISAURUS News

Nigeria is mourning, Sarah Omakwu, a fiery preacher in the country’s capital has said.

Mrs Omakwu, the senior pastor of the Family Worship Centre in Abuja, who joined other clerics in Nigeria in discussing the issue of killings in the country by herdsmen, urged President Muhammadu Buhari to do something to end the bloodshed.

“We are mourning for a country that is being soaked in innocent blood,” she said, adding that “Mr President, you have not tried enough, you have not done enough, in fact in our estimation, you have not done anything, you have not rejected this…. Sir, the last time I heard your voice was when you took the Oath.”

While ending her sermon, she begged for President Muhammadu Buhari “in the name of Allah” to act and “stop this mayhem.

“Yes you can, you have the power, Mr President to stop it. Your name is commander of the armed forces, stop the Fulani herdsmen, stop the bandit, stop the miscreant, and stop them from wherever they come.”

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