Tension Brewing In Kaduna Hoods As Yan Shara Continues Deadly Attack

👤 Abdul Tukur, Exclusive DENISAURUS News

Hoodlums have set the house of a rival on fire in the Badarawa, Kwaru area of Kaduna on Saturday.

The miscreants known locally as Yan shara, began attacking one another, causing havoc across Kaduna metropolis, DENISAURUS News was told by a resident in the state.

According to the local eyewitness, a young man who is a member of the notorious gang was cut to death during the Easter. In revenge, the home of the killer was burnt to ground by a splinter group.

The group is now divided into two (Yan Sulhu and Yan Ba Sulhu). But, this paper is uncertain of the membership of both groups.

DENISAURUS News understands that both group have a common mission and before their spilt they would attack unsuspecting public members using all sort of weaponry.

Yan Shara

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