Social Media Users Lambaste 2015 Presidential Aspirant Over “Meritorious Service Award” Given To “Corrupt” Magu, EFCC Acting Chairman

Exclusive: By Abdul Tukur 

Social media users have lambasted Professor Zainab Duke Abiola over an award she gave to the acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.

Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, is described as a “perennial offender” by the secret police.

The integrity of the 53-year-old  was questioned in a report by the Department of State Security Services.

The report which corroborates many allegations made by EFCC workers to DENSIARUS News, states that Mr Magu “will eventually constitute a liability to the anti-corruption drive of the present administration.”

This newspaper reported that Nigeria was suspended from a world Financial Intelligence Unit because of the corrupt Deputy Commissioner of Police.

But, Prof. Abiola, a presidential aspirant in the 2015 election is said to have awarded him with an award for  “meritorious service.”

Twitter users quickly responded to the EFCC handle which made the announcement.

“Our corruption rating is going from poor to bad news. Arrest that woman giving Magu that award. We must fight kwaluption abi na kwashiokor” – @olduche

“The award should be for the best corruption propaganda and media trier. Since we going back in corruption ranking. We are trying to move from this 148 to 180” – @gozieemeafu

“Remove meritorious from your tweet… DSS said his hands are not clean and I said he might be more corrupt than the snake and monkey… First prove DSS wrong before using meritorious anyhow”  – @moglordis

The EFCC boss must be confirmed by the Senate, but on March 15, 2017 and December 15, 2016, his nomination was rejected.

The Federal Court in Abuja has also affirmed the right of the National Assembly to reject Mr Magu.

Some even asked why Presdient Muhammadu Buhari was refusing to sack Mr Magu, whose nomination was rejected twice by the Senate.

“Magu (is) still the acting chairman of efcc when the court have sacked magu? I said it magu is above the law and buhari doesn’t obey the law, both used same Nigerian law to persecute citizens why?” @JohnGra11409120


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