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World’s Fastest Man, Usain Bolt To Open Restaurant, Tracks & Records In The UK

By Christian Smith

Usain Bolt is bowing out from athletics having won eight Olympic gold medals.

Pundits says the sport will never be the same again with him out of it. However, adoring fans in London might not have to wait much before they see their sporting hero, as a restaurant which has the world’s fastest man as a key partner is to open 15 restaurants across the UK over the next five years.


Track and Record was founded by a group of young entrepreneurs in Kingston, Jamaica in 2011, but, on its website it describes it as “the evolution of Jamaican culture” which is “fueled by the power of Brand Bolt.”

The Jamaican styled restaurant offers the “signature jerk chicken spring rolls are a popular favourite, along with the ‘island style’ versions of burgers, pizzas, pastas, salads, entrees, beverages, desserts and more.”

It notes that “by incorporating the unique flavours of jerk, curry, scotch bonnet pepper, coconut, and many more of the great tastes of Jamaica and the Caribbean, Tracks & Records has quickly become known for its incredible food quality, consistency and taste.”


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