Bauchi State Chief of Staff Files Libel Charges Against Former House of Rep Member

👤 By Adenike Lucas, Editor, DENISAURUS News 

The Chief of Staff to the Bauchi State Governor has filed a defamation suit against a former House of Rep member from the state, DENISAURUS News has discovered. 

Audu Sule Katagum instituted a N2bn claims against Hon Yusuf Maitama Tuggar over comments allegedly made during the abduction of a blogger,  Musa Azare on August 20th.

In his claim, Mr Katagum states that  Hon. Tuggar used his Facebook page to slander his name.

But sources, close to the defendant denied that this was the case.

This paper was authoritatively informed by a source known to the former Chairman, House Committee on Public Procurement and Gubernatorial aspirant for Bauchi State, that he was being “unfairly targeted,” for speaking against the state Governor.

A few politicians from Bauchi state, led by the Speaker of the House, Honourable Yakubu Dogara accused Governor Abubakar Mohammed of  wrongdoings.

Some of the allegation made against Governor Mohammed includes misuse of funds.

Governor Mohammed, a qualified lawyer has refuted this claims.

Sources within Bauchi State want the charges made against Hon Tuggar, who was Governor Mohammed main challenger during the APC primaries, to be dropped.

They argued that Hon Tuggar who had worked to raise funds for Governor Mohammed’s campaign was not “sour” about the fact that he did not win the ticket for the party.

In fact, an insider informed this DENISAURUS News that major “plans for the campaign had taken place at Hon Tuggar’s residence and Barr. Abubakar was aware.”

Attempts were made to speak to Hon Tuggar, but all was to no avail. A source confirmed that case no. BA/173/16 came before the Bauchi State High Court 5 on Thursday November 24, 2016.

A pretrial conference has been scheduled by Justice Aliyu Usman of the Bauchi High Court for the 12th December, 2016

A tweeter user, @segalink thinks Hon Tuggar is being silenced for speaking the truth.

“the only people persecuting Hon @YusufTuggar for speaking the truth & seeking Justice are the enemies of freedom of speech & transparency,” he wrote.

A hashtag #Justice4Tuggar is being used by supporters of the former House of Rep member to seek justice.






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