President Buhari Praises Governor Oshiomhole

By Adenike Lucas

President Muhammadu Buhari made a state visit to Benin City to commission four projects completed by the outgoing Edo Governor.

At the commission of a 200-bed hospital at Siluko road, PMB as he is fondly called, praised Governor Adams Oshiomhole for “completing the facility.”

He said the APC Governor would be needed to carry out another assignment in Abuja after his tenure. Speaking at the Oba N’edo’s place, PMB said: “It will be a pity to waste his energy by him retiring. I hope there will be a higher assignment for him to do more for the nation. I congratulate the governor for his hard work; Oshiomhole is a hard working governor. We will need his services in Abuja.

Governor Oshiomhole said: “We demolished a portion of the old hospital built in 1902 and built this new hospital.”

The President who made a visit to the Benin monarch, Oba Ewuare the second, took to twitter 3 hrs ago  where he noted that he had “spent most of the 40 months of my detention, following the 1985 coup, in a small bungalow here in Benin City.”

President Buhari (pictured) also commissioned the Samuel Ogbemudia College.

Nigeria’s Commander-in-Chief first paid a visit to Edo State on Tuesday 6 September, to campaign for his Governorship candidate Mr Godwin Obaseki who then won the elections.


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