Labour will create real living wage – John McDonnell Says

By Adenike Lucas

The Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has promised to create a “real living wage” and an end to “austerity” if Labour is elected into power in 2020.

Mr McDonnell said in a Labour government “everyone will earn enough to live on. We will write into law a real living wage” set by a new Living Wage Review Body.

“Independent forecasts suggest that this will be over £10 an hour,”  he said.

The key ally of the re-elected Labour leader who was speaking to Labour members at the party’s conference in Liverpool also set out the direction on “manufacturing renaissance “post-Brexit.

He vowed to “fight for the “best possible” Brexit deal for the UK.”

“After Brexit, we want to see a renaissance in British manufacturing, he said , adding that “we’ve committed ourselves, our government will create an entrepreneurial state that works with the wealth creators, the workers and the entrepreneurs to create the products and the markets that will secure our long term prosperity.”

The MP for Hayes and Harlington since 1997- popularly referred to as the ‘people’s chancellor’ would ban “tax-dodging companies” from winning public sector contracts

He said people were losing faith in market forces and the Labour party which had become a“government in waiting “will be an interventionist government.”

Mr McDonnell pledged to strengthen the Trade Union and repeal the Trade Union Act. He received a standing ovation after ending his speech by saying: “in this party you no longer have to whisper it – it’s called socialism.  Solidarity!”

Ed Miliband, the former leader of the Labour Party was said to be afraid of the ‘red Ed’ tag so he  never really used the S word.

Meanwhile, Trident, a topic which is seen as a  widely contentious issue among the party leader was chaired  by the shadow defence secretary.  Clive Lewis said though he is skeptical about renewing, the party has a policy for “trident renewal” He pointed out that the party also has an ambition “of a nuclear free world.”

Many say that the ‘living wage’ announcement provides something for dissenting Members of Parliament  who left the shadow cabinet after the government  to the lost the election on the EU referendum, to rally around.




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