Jibrin spills more dirt on “padding” scandal, says two serving Governors will be exposed [Exclusive]

By Adenike Lucas

About eight hours ago, Hon. Dr. Abdulmumin Jibrin went against the directive of his party by releasing a message from his verified twitter handle @AbdulAbmj, on the “padding” crisis currently rocking the lower legislative chamber.

Hon. Dr Jibrin who says he resigned from his position as of the chairman of the House of Representative on Appropriation, had accused the Speaker of the House, Rt. Hon. Yakubu Dogara of “adding to the 2016 budget.”

But, last week, the member for Bebji/Kiru constituency was directed in a letter by Senator Lawal Shuiabu to stop distributing any “public statement” on the matter.

Hon. Dr. Jibrin determined to oust the speaker seemed to have been infuriated further by an interview granted by Hon. Dogara on Friday, where he stated that padding was not a crime.

In 82 different twitter update, the PhD holder stated that he “was shocked and dumbfounded when I saw the Speaker on television saying padding is not an offense.”

The 39- Years-Old Kano legislator who also accused Deputy Speaker, Whip, Minority Leader and 10 others of allocating money from the budget to themselves went on to make fresh allegation against his Bauchi counterpart.

Some of the allegation he made is about a “mansion in Wuse II owned by Hon. Dogara which he claimed was suddenly built in six month, the expanding of his farm in Nasarawa State from just a few hectares in six months ago to about 100 hectares.”

He also promised to name two serving Governors and three former members who are “blocking every avenue that I can use to reach the President so that he can have a different perspective on this issue.”

By releasing this new statement, Hon. Dr. Jibrin, a self-claimed finance addict has disobeyed party guidance, although the decision to “gag” him from speaking about the “padding scandal” was previously slatted by critics in the first place.

In his defense, he states that he was no longer keeping quiet because “while I was determined to observe the ceasefire, Dogara and his group of few rogues didn’t.

“I called Sen. Lawali Shuaibu (Sic) and complained. He promised to reach the Speaker. On Friday the Speaker spoke to the press after meeting the President on the matter, and they launched a several massive attack on me in the media, while the party is keeping a sealed lip.

In what appears to be a rhetorical question, he asked if anyone “can they blame me for talking.”

In a series of tweet released a few hours ago, Hon. Dr. Jibrin stated that the “Speaker is saying the nine roads he inserted into the budget which he fraudulently sandwiched into 4 roads and inserted billions into any design or costing is not an offense?

“Or the water project he hijacked from the budget and took into his farm is not an offense? Or moving ten solar boreholes to a place that probably requires just two is not an offense?.

“This has really proved that Speaker Dogara is the son, father, grandfather and great grandfather of padding.”

Fearing for his life, Hon. Jibrin has brought forward the release of his memoirs which he says would shed more light into the padding scandal.

He signed off his message by calling on former Presidents, Dr Goodluck Jonathan, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, General Yakubu Gowon, Alhaji Shehu Shagari, General Ibrahim Babangida, Chief Ernest Shonekan, General Abdulsalam Abubakar and the diplomatic community, Ambassador of the United States of America and High Commissioner of the United Kingdom among all others, “to join in the call on the corrupt and fraudulent Speaker Dogara and 3 others to reconvene the House immediately, step aside and allow for the external investigation.”


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