CJN ONNOGHEN: EFCC’s Magu Leaked Investigation Document And Is Attempting To Indict Operatives As Culprits (LONG READ)

👤 Exclusive By Danjuma Aliyu and Abdul Tukur, DENISAURUS News

The man whose nomination as the substantive chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC was rejected twice by the National Assembly, has activated his usual impunity and victimisation of staff members by deliberately making them take the blame for the release of sensitive documents from the agency.

Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, 54, who remains at the EFCC though his nomination was rejected in 2016 and 2017, is vexed that his subordinate at the office ruined his chances of becoming the fourth substantive chief of the anti-graft agency.

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In his view, the incriminating report produced by the Department of State Services, DSS, which we exclusively published ahead of his rejection, was leaked by EFCC staffers.

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But, frustrated members of staff at the agency, have also accused their boss of leaking sensitive information, an argument that was backed by the report given by Egmont Financial Unit, when it suspended Nigeria from accessing its server in 2017.

In an exclusive report published in May 2017 the editor of DENISAURUS News exposed EFCC’s Magu of abusing the information gotten from the Nigeria Financial Intelligence Unit, NFIU.

The Egmont Financial Intelligence Unit – which consist of 159 FIUs was being used by the anti-graft boss to divulge official Intel to unauthorised allies among politicians and media bodies, which led to Nigeria’s suspension from the body.


The report of the 24th Plenary states the reason for the suspension which was in line with the expose made in DENISAURUS News in May 2017. The Heads of FIU made a decision, by consensus, to suspend the membership status of the NFIU, Nigeria, following repeated failures on the part of the FIU to address concerns regarding the protection of confidential information, specifically related to the status of suspicious transaction report (STR) details and information derived from international exchanges, as well as concerns on the legal basis and clarity of the NFIU’s independence from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). The measure will remain in force until immediate corrective actions are implemented. The NFIU, Nigeria is now excluded from all Egmont Group events and activities. The Egmont Group expressed its hope that the Nigerian authorities will address these concerns to enable the Egmont Group to lift the suspension as soon as possible.”

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DENISAURUS News had also in the past provided exposé on EFCC’s Magu, who was caught leaking confidential information to unauthorised cronies and media allies.

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Around May 2016, one Air Commodore Umar Mohammed was arrested by the secret police after they found several presidency and EFCC official documents at his residence in Maitama, Abuja. He would later revealed that he was extorting suspect of arms deal and fronting for Mr Magu and an official in the National Security Adviser Office.

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Also, in October 2016, the DSS reported on how the anti-graft boss used his office to fraternise with suspects who were under investigation at the agency for corruption.

In 2010, during the tenure of erstwhile EFCC Chair, Mrs Farida Waziri, Mr Magu was also exposed for doing a similar crime.

Mrs Waziri suspended and had Mr Magu arrested for sneaking official documents home, which was used to bargain with suspects under investigation.

But, Mr Magu, a known blackmailer is only being himself. He once sponsored information against a sitting president.

In the piece “A Word For EFCC Boss Ibrahim Magu,” Olusegun Adeniyi, SA Media and Publicity, to the President Umar Yar’adua described how Mr Magu was behind a negative story against his deceased boss.

According to Mr Adeniyi, the late President one day invited him into the office and spoke of the evil things Mr Magu of EFCC was doing.

He said: “in 2008, my late boss, President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua invited me to his office and asked me to sit down.

“Anytime such happened, it was always when he had something important to discuss but on that day, I could also sense some form of irritation. The moment I sat down, he handed me some papers which he asked me to go through.

They were opinion pieces written with different names all of which were against the government with some ridiculing the person of Yar’Adua. I can remember vividly that the title of the one on top was “How Turai is ruling Nigeria.”

“I  was still browsing through the materials when the president said, ‘those articles were found on the computer of one Ibrahim Magu, the henchman of your friend at EFCC (referring to the then chairman, Mr Nuhu Ribadu).'”

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Summarily, it was all of these that made the DSS who wrote the indicting dozier to the NASS Senate, advising that EFCC’s Magu should not be confirmed as the Chair.

The secret police under erstwhile Director General, Lawal M Daura had warned that the anti-graft boss is a “perennial offender and would be a liability on the anti-corruption fight of the present administration.”

Despite the warnings, Mr Magu is still in office. However, frustrated operatives say their boss is still in the habit of leaking information. They say a recent information released against the suspended Chief Justice, Walter Samuel Nkanu Onnoghen, was from Mr Magu.


The suspended CJN is currently facing prosecution over false asset declaration. Traces of money lodged into his accounts by a suspect was recently revealed by the anti-graft agency. DENISAURUS News is privy to an ongoing onslaught by Mr Magu to shift the blame of leaking documents to a suspect on his subordinates.

Those familiar to the matter say that the EFCC boss is trying to incriminate innocent EFCC operatives for their diligent investigation.

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This newspaper understands as revealed by our source, a senior police officer, that “operatives were sent to conduct an investigation at the residence of the suspect, only to discover an EFCC document at the house.

“With the zeal and enthusiasm for the job, the said operatives innocently briefed EFCC’s Magu on their discovery. Low and behold, the anti-graft boss has ordered they be investigated and indicted as the officers who gave out the official document.”

Mr Magu, who remains in office due to the influence of the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, is meant to have proceeded to a senior management course in Kuru, however, the “corrupt” officer does not want to leave the EFCC.

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Staff members told our reporters they wonder: “how can our boss be so unintelligent to think that the operatives would deliberately want to expose themselves, if they were actually the culprits in the illegal divulge of the document.”

Mr Magu had been reported several times by DENISAURUS News to be so ruthless and vindictive towards staff members. Junior staff say that the anti-graft boss believes they were the brain behind his non-confirmation by NASS Senate.

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This newspaper made effort to reach out to the spokesman of the EFCC, Tony Orilade, but no response was fort coming before the report was published.


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